Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Big Reveal--Meet Amy!

After a brief spate of frequent blogging, followed by a return to sporadicity, I'm moved to introduce everyone to "A," the woman who's keeping me entirely too happy to get blogworthily excited about all the myriad ways the world is circling the bowl of late.

Her name is Amy, her nom de plume is the Geek Girl Blonde, and I am well and truly over the moon about her, and, wonder of wonders, she about me.

As Amy writes in her latest post, she and I visited my parents over the Easter holiday, and everyone was splendidly impressed with one another (whew!). She's already met Matt (of occasional commentarial note on this humble site) and his wife Amy*, and gotten along famously with them. She has yet to meet my sister Meagan, or much of my extended family, but we're working on that. :-D

I have met Amy's parents (as they live, conveniently, here in Birmingham) and a fair amount of her close and extended family over the past month or two myself, and been well and truly impressed.

It'd be fair to say we're both excited, in that knot-tying kind of way.

It'll be the end of the summer at the earliest before any pointed questions get asked, if I make myself clear, but it's also safe to reveal (since Amy has) that we've begun discussing "bling" designs (we're both fond of emeralds). Yes, it's an exciting time around Squeezings Central, with Spring in the air and all, but sadly that isn't likely to translate into too many impassioned-yet-cogent rants on the socio-political-economic state of the world. It is likely to translate into moony-eyed accounts of the ups and downs of our two lives and their convergent journeys down this exhilarating and sometimes-daunting road.

Hopefully that'll be entertaining anyway.


* Yes, Matt's wife is named Amy, and that means we're well on the matrimonial way to Amy-squared. That's actually nothing: my mother and both her sisters married Richards, and two of the three had sons named Richard, of which I'm one. Call it Kismet, call it tradition, call it God having a big hearty laugh, but as Dad put it we seem to seek an economy of names in this family.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I Meme, You Meme...

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands

Pretty spiffy, though it highlights how much more of the world I need to get busy and visit. :-D

Courtesy Tripp.