Friday, January 25, 2008

...In With the New, and Many Happy Returns!

2008, the new year, has dawned and is now well and truly under way.

A Birthday!
It's Amy's birthday today! She's celebrated with a new blog template of her own (actually, I shamelessly stole the blog-modernizing idea from her), and is enjoying her day. It's been a wonderful, year, Princess, and I look forward to celebrating scores more with you!

A New Year, a New Blog Template
I've wrought a few look-and-feel changes around here, going for a vaguely newspaper-reminiscent format, with a little better visual organization and less clutter. I've also tamed the ever-lengthening list of archive links, packing it into a drop-down list over at top right, under Old Glory. I'm gonna put a blog-search button over there, too.

Current Events
Well, Fred dropped out of the Presidential race, Rutan and Branson have shown the world their new SpaceShipTwo design, Amazon's Kindle is still sold out, and we actually got snow in Alabama last weekend! Never a dull moment, I suppose.

More Toward the Personal
Amy and I visited my parents in Pennsylvania over the post-Christmas-pre-New-Year week, after which she and I had fun trading colds. Finally, possibly weakened by two weeks of sneezing and coughing, my back went out. All that has gone by the wayside--the back's all healed up now--and we're charging into the new year! Got a novel manuscript in progress, a vacation in the Smokies coming in February, loads of unread books on the Sony Reader, and a whole year ahead!