Saturday, September 29, 2001

It Gets Better

In the perfect ending to a perfect month, I now join the ranks of the unemployed among this stout and stalwart group of bloggers.

I could (still may) give a sordid blow-by-blow account of the events leading up to my becoming a free agent, but for now suffice to say that mine was quite possibly the most apologetic, polite firing I've ever been privy to.

And you know what? I'm glad to be gone. I've been repeatedly raked over emotional coals for the past month (why is it that my best efforts to lose weight only take hold when I'm too stressed to eat?), and as such I'm quite prepared to make the most of the two additional paid weeks I've been given to de-stress as well as seek other employ. I've already got a solid nibble to pursue, and my résumé is a strong one, even in the current job climate, so I can, for the most part, relax.

Sorry for the sparseness of updates here, especially with the heaping helping of post-Towers spleen in the previous post. Now that I've happened upon a surfeit of free time I should be able to do a better job. I do need to get myself back into the routine of thinking like normal people, though - I've been in fight/flight mode for the past 32 days or so, and as such I'm still a little on edge. When my hours-of-sleep-per day arc back above seven I think I'll be better off.

So, let's see. What else has been going on in the world? Football, NASCAR, Basketball and Baseball have all restarted, a third self-contained artificial heart recipient has embarked on an apparent recovery, our President seems to have all of a sudden grown up in everyone's eyes, and Deep Space One has performed an impressive flyby of a comet. Whew. Glad to know the world didn't stop completely while I was gone.

So anyway, hello again, everyone. I'll try to strick around more consistently from now on. :-D


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