Thursday, December 13, 2001

A Little Holiday Cheer

Well, we had our DIT Christmas Luncheon today, and as the new guy I was looking for a way to make a nice sort of "happy to be here" splash, and thankfully the Food Network came to my rescue a little while ago with the 30 Minute Meals show, namely the recipe for the Five Minute Fudge 'Wreath'.

Yes, it really was as decadent as it sounds, and I can vouch for the recipe. Down to the maraschino cherries on top. Five minutes, start to finish, and after the luncheon I'm only going home with a half pound from a two-pound recipe. Considering mine was one of six desserts among twentyish people, I'd call that a success. After all, it's rich, and it only takes a little to give someone that "OMG, I'm so fudged out" feeling. :-D

You never know when a little domesticity will pop up.

You listening, ladies? I'm an experienced chocolate wrangler now!


PS. I really wish I'd snapped a picture with my lil' digital camera... It looked really good! Maybe I'll make another for the trip home...

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