Sunday, March 23, 2003

And now for something... completely different

Since upyernoz keeps spanking me in debate about the world's political situation, I am retreating to less vulnerable ground.

For example, beer. Chuck asked earlier in the week about Rich's Vindication IPA, which just completed its fourth week of aging. I tried it on Friday night, and oh my God is it going some good places. Call me, Chuck; you gotta try this stuff.

For those of you who might be new to my moderate obsession with the making and understanding of beer, Vindication IPA is a beer in the style called India Pale Ale, which is made with "pale" or lightly roasted malted barley, stronger than the average beer, and markedly more bitter, due to more aggressive use of hops.

My Short Attention Span Amber is actually turning into a patient brew; things have been so nutty around here that I have yet to bottle the stuff! I may do that tonight.

Of course, this is likely to draw out facts along the lines of upyernoz being a commercial microbrewer who knows more about beer than I can ever hope to discover. ;-)