Friday, October 15, 2004

Weekly Update, 10/15/2004

A sterile headline, perhaps, but it does have the benefit of being germane.

I have been in heavy "maintenance mode" since deploying my big project this past April, and have only recently begun digging myself free by rolling out some do-it-yourself enhancements for the system's users. The more they can get done themselves, the less they have to ring my phone, which means I can get more done both for these users, and for other projects as they come down the pike.

Sebastian (my lab-Greyhound mix) came down with a stomach problem of some variety last week (he and Reese tore up some of my wall-to-wall Berber carpet and swallowed some of the long strings), and I accrued an impressive vet bill as a result. Sebastian is doing very well, now, though smoke is still clearing from the vicinity of my wallet. Oh yes, and this came to a head the same night as I blew a tire. Injury added to insult.

Work continues apace on the "Tripp's Wedding" entry, but I'm trying to post a trifle more frequently in the interim. I do love the ability to save draft versions of Blogger posts, though it does enable never-quite-posted evils like Vacation Part 2 below to take forever.

Yes, this is the name of the inimitable "L," my lovely and gracious girlfriend. It occurred to me that most everyone who's likely to read here already knows her name, as they met her at the T&T wedding, or have heard her mentioned in my occasional phone call to family and/or friends. Also, I've already agreed not to get into terribly precise detail about anything we do, so a double layer of secrecy wasn't particularly necessary, and "L" just sounds too clinical.

Besides, Leslie said I could. :-) She's also a reader here, now, and though she may or may not wind up commenting much, she is one of the reasons I'm posting slightly more often.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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