Monday, March 13, 2006

A Many-Splendored Thing

Sorry for the posting hiatus--it's been a nutty few weeks at work, and between that and a few other factors I haven't made posting here a priority.

The primary thrust of this entry is 'A,' my lovely, exotic, red-blonde-haired girlfriend. She and I are doing extremely well, and this weekend was a particularly agreeable one. I finally gave her a chance (read: got the place something approaching clean enough) on Saturday to drop by Squeezings Central in Alabaster, Alabama, and get introduced to the dogs and experience all the multifarious geekery around my place. We also spent a lot of time at her apartment yesterday, reading, drinking dark coffee, and enjoying a gorgeous afternoon.

One intriguing tidbit about A is that she's a henna artist. Henna "tattoos" have become trendy of late, but "mehndi," or the art of applying henna paste (made from the leaves of the henna plant plus an acidic liquid like lemon juice) to skin in order to stain the skin temporarily in artistic patterns, has been around for thousands of years. She mixed up a batch of paste while I was visiting yesterday and reading a book of hers on the subject, and I'm quite intrigued. A's going to do some designs on herself for the Indian Festival of Colors tomorrow evening--we have reservations at Taj India here in town.

My Princess is a rare flower indeed. :-D I'm sort of smitten.


PS. More on henna at Wikipedia and

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