Monday, November 12, 2001

Blogging Duty Calls

Jeez, I forgot to mention that my new job starts tomorrow. :-) Yep, today's my last day as a free spirit; tomorrow I once again go under the thumb of the Man.

I'll be working for the Virginia Department of Information Technology, System Development Division (DIT SDD), and thus seeing old friends again and learning new skillz. Rather than Visual Basic (which has fallen from favor due to some incompetence on the part of another agency), I'll be hip-deep in ColdFusion, and perhaps Java servlets under Linux. W00t!

Also, my AirPort has decided to fall over and is blinking its three LEDs an angry red, refusing either to see the DSL-modem-providing CAT5 cable I've got plugged into it or to acknowledge the 802.11b hailing of the iBook right next to it. Sad, tormented AirPort; to make matters more humorous, Apple support is having phone line difficulties, and as such I can't call for help until 11 AM or so. Oh well, I don't generally surf from Tangy Beep anyway. It's my writing machine, and so the removal of distracting influences from it would normally be a good thing. Except that AirPorts don't grow on trees, and I hate the idea of being stuck with a busted piece of hardware.

Hmm. What else is going on? Today's Laundry Day in preparation for tomorrow. I also got bored a few weeks ago and put together this leafy montage of Autumn by running around my apartment complex and making a nuisance of myself with my Earthlink-freebie digital camera. The thing came with some album management software that allowed the automated throwing-together of a page like this one, so I figured, what the heck. :-) I don't usually fall prey to shutterbug fits, but give me too much time on my hands and I can apparently be dangerous.


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