Thursday, June 20, 2002

A to Z

Pirated from Sarah, pirated from Crazy Tracy...

A - Animals/Pets: Two dogs and a cat. (more)
B - Best Friends: Hunter, Tripp.
C - Cohabitants: See A. Accepting applicants.
D - Desire(s): Life as a novelist while raising a family.
E - Eye Color: Blue.
F - Favorite Food(s): Steak and sushi.
G - Games: Video and word, assorted.
H - Habit(s): Too many to list; they're how I live life sanely.
I - Interests: Writing, programming, grousing (not inclusive).
J - Job: Java/C# Programmer for the Commonwealth of Virginia.
K - Kitchen (Wonder or Blunder?): Pretty damned good when I do anything.
L - Languages: English, German, a smattering of Russian. Romance languages? Feh.
M - Most Valued Possession(s) (an item, not people/pets): My Palm m505. I'd be lost without it.
N - Name (Named after?): Richard Carson Miller, Jr. After my dad - and no, there won't be a Richard III.
O - Outfit You Love: Oxford with collar open and sleeves rolled up, and slacks - hey, I'm basic.
P - Pizza Toppings: Meat. Lots of meat.
Q - Question Asked To You the Most: "What have you been up to?"
R - Relationship/Partner: Accepting applications. See C.
S - Sport: Football, NASCAR. Watching, not participating, though I did play high school football.
T - Television Show(s): Invader Zim.
U - Unsavory characteristic(s): Fat, depressive, occasionally lazy, occasionally obsessive (not inclusive).
V - Video (Favorites): Wow - The Empire Strikes Back, The Matrix, Fellowship of the Ring, Harry Potter, Sleepless in Seattle, Silence of the Lambs, the list goes on...
W - Webpage (Favorite--not your own): Slashdot.
X - Xylophone (or other Instrument?): Piano, tenor saxophone. Long, long ago.
Y - Year Born: 1970, Chinese Year of the Dog
Z - Zodiac Sign: Taurus


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