Thursday, June 27, 2002

Vacation, Lovely Vacation

I'm heading off to Hot-lanta to hang with my brother, Matt, over Fourth of July Week! Yes, this means flying. No, I'm not worried. :-)

This will be my first big vacation since the Maine trip last year, and I'm thankful that I have the chance to do it so soon after starting my new job at DIT. I've also had trouble sleeping of late, and I'm hoping that this coming week I'll have the chance to catch up on a little, and perhaps get some better sleeping habits formed.

Of course, knowing Matt, and how he and I get on, we're likely to be up till all hours BSing and fiddling with his toys: computer, TV, DVD player, etc., etc., etc. Dad may or may not be proud: the apples never fall far from the tree. :-)

I'll try to blog from the road (Matt does have dialup), but no promises...


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