Saturday, July 06, 2002

Posting from the Field

Hello! I'm typing from my brother Matt's apartment in Marietta, GA (just north of Atlanta), squirting the bits over his dialup connection.

Between staying up late experiencing one aspect or another of Atlanta's night life, sleeping until the crack of noon, and repeatedly being fed within an inch of my life, it's been a great week. I've been called upon for my computing and grilling experience upon several occasions, but I don't mind occasionally singing for my supper. :-)

Let's see, in addition to catching an arena football game (the "Georgia Force," or "G-Force"; get it?) and hanging out with Matt and his friends, the two of us headed over to Hunter's place in Birmingham, AL for the day of the Fourth, and much fun was had by all - there was much computer gaming (Diablo II and Warlords: Battlecry II), movie watching (Men in Black II - fun, but with a slight 'meh') and socializing, culminating in a homegrown fireworks display, as full-blown fireworks are legal to purchase in Alabama. %-D

This afternoon (evening) is the first since I've been here that I've felt the inclination at the same time I've had the wherewithal (now that Matt's new CPU's been installed; FYI, Hunter, it went flawlessly) to reconnect with the online world: 76 messages waiting on Net@ddress, and only 30 non-spam. :-) Ah well.

I've finished rereading Noir, and am ready to step up to my duties as moderator over on Mary's bookblog. Twisted book -- I'm curious to hear the reactions over there.

Anyhoo, I'm running short, both on time to blog (got sushi for dinner tonight before I head out tomorrow) and on stuff to say, so until later,


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