Friday, July 26, 2002

Da Friday Five (Again!)

1. How long have you had a weblog? Brain Squeezings recently celebrated its one-year anniversary!

2. What was your first post about? Just saying 'hi,' really.

3. How many changes (name, location, etc.) of your weblog have there been, if more than one? No changes in name or location (been at Blog*Spot since Day 1), but I've made several enhancements to the template for color, links, additions like YACCS commenting, the new (though subtly familiar) blogroll at left, a hit counter, BlogChalk, etc.

4. What CMS (content management system) do you use? Do you like it or do you want to try something else? Blogger, again since Day 1. It ain't perfect, but it has the advantage of being simple and free.

5. Do you read people who have both a journal and a weblog? Or do you prefer to read people who have all of their writing in one central place? You mean you can do both? :-) Most of the blogs I read double as journals; that or I've utterly missed their links to any separate journals.


[Edit: I just found out that Blogger did something weird to my archiving scripts such that they'd been broken since mid-June or earlier. I fixed the problem, but now anyone who's linked to my past rantings has broken links. :-p]

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