Wednesday, July 24, 2002

<Witty Headline Here>

The high-tech strategy of not turning my computer off any more seems to be working well for the time being. I'm sure that in some all-power-wasters-go-to-hell scenario I'm being a horrible person, but I'll wager I'm a lot more horrible in the wake of an hour spent fiddling with a balky motherboard while bookblog awaits my guidance and wisdom. :-)

(Speaking of which, there's been some lively discussion featuring lengthy tracts and big words over on Mary's bookblog. Check it out, if you dare.)

There's been much wailing and gnashing of teeth around here today thanks to the news of Virginia's continuing budgetary shortfall. Surprise, surprise - when you depend on the pockets of the prosperous, and then tough times come, public funds bottom out. At least they're not trying to blame it on Gilmore's much-needed killing of the "Car Tax" any more. Ah, well - my résumé's strong, should it come to that. :-p

And people finally discovered that stocks have become way cheap out there. Yay!


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