Tuesday, July 30, 2002


I was thinking late last night about how fame and fortune (or the closest things thereto) are achieved in the blogging world, i.e., by how many people link to you, and by the number of people to whom you link.

I recently installed an automatically-maintainable "blogroll" (the list at left in which I p1mp the blogs I think are cool and worthy) at left that uses the engine over at to ease list maintenance. Worked like a champ.

...Until this morning. appears to be down, which slows Squeezings' page loads dramatically. So I edited my template and reinstated my old, moldy, manually coded blogroll. So reliability seems to be an issue. Then again, one gets what one pays for, and is free. :-\

I also got to thinking. The source HTML for my page only lists the javascript for the blogroll (not the individual "a href" tags), and I'm only pretty certain that when a person clicks on the automated blogroll, I receive credit for referring them. (I just checked my stats, and Kate's site is listed as a pretty frequent referrer, and she uses too, so I suppose there's no real worry there after all.)

So anyway, blogrolls are cool and necessary, but getting someone to do your dirty work for you appears to be fraught with peril.


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