Sunday, July 28, 2002

Worm-Eatin' Weekend

Feh. Shut myself off from the world over this weekend, giving myself some time to think, ruminate and actually enjoy some solitude. Actually did it, too, instead of watching DVDs, or pouting. Concept!

Oh, and Mary, sorry about not getting your e-mail. I'll get you material tomorrow.

Yep, this actually translated into some productiveness. Stealing from Wendy's example, I'm gonna post progress here as I make it.

Most of the time when I've started any sort of writing project, I try to hammer out every detail of a world, set of characters, and plotline before writing a line of prose. Sufficiently paralyzed by analysis, I then get nothing done.

This time around, I've taken two of the frameworks I've worked on in the past, thrown them in a blender, roughed out some characters, and stitched together a Chapter One, or Prologue or something to that effect. Got more concrete color and personality in than any amount of brainstorming has accomplished so far.

I have no idea where the plot is going, no idea what the characters are going to say to each other, and no idea how I'm going to work in some of the stuff I want to. The characters are already doing things I didn't want them to, and going better places than I could have imagined.

I'm scared out of my mind.


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