Monday, July 22, 2002

Computer Drama

My primary machine has been on the blink lately. It's been flaky on initial boot-up for a while, but lately it's been refusing to boot at all without some sort of assistance, like wiping the CMOS or (oy) jiggling the CPU in its slot.

Time for a new box, yes, but now's really not great timing. Finances, all that.

The good news is that once I coax the thing into booting, it'll stay up for as long as I care to run it. So I'm just not gonna turn the box off for the foreseeable future. Maybe now Richmond'll get some rain. Thunderstorms, the works. :-p

In other news, my little Tangerine iBook, "Tangy Beep," has been upgraded to 288 MB of RAM, and Mac OS X. Pretty sweet, actually - I like OS X a lot better than I thought I would, especially at Tangy's 300 MHz in a world rapidly approaching 3 GHz. Never thought I'd see that sort of life breathed back into the old bot.

Ah well. Night all.


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