Tuesday, July 30, 2002

The Dangers of Seeking New Blogs

Hmf. The ol' site is looking kinda natty. I've had a redesign idea in my head for a few months now, and I may just be building the impetus to up and do it.

A Day of Pondering and Cross-Pollination
It's been one of those "not much to do so it's time to keep the brain busy" kind of days, and as such I've been cruisin' for new blogs worthy of note. I've found one or two, and tacked them onto the blogroll, but there've been one or two other benefits as well. For one, there's the building desire to remodel as mentioned above, and for another it's been really informative to take in some weblogs outside of the dozen or so I hit daily. Stretching and expanding; there're some people out there who've been doing this for a while. I also put myself on the "Hot or Not" site, and as such there've been lots of new eyeballs around here. Pretty spiffy. :-)

(And, oh by the way, there are some women blogging out there whom I'd love to get to know; that late-twenties, early-thirties, frank and wellspoken thing, typically with glasses [oh, I'm one who definitely makes passes at girls who wear glasses; or I would be, if I made passes at all - whatever]. Would that I had any sort of chance, but I'm sure any woman who has the temerity to speak up online gets deluged with attention.)

Hell, I may as well make friends, influence people... Never hurts to be cordial and friendly-like.

I'm trying to cultivate an attitude of plenty as opposed to scarcity where females are concerned (y'all do make up 52% or so of the population), but it seems like every time I meet someone interesting who happens to have been born with a "slot" instead of a "tab" I get stupid and forget that the person is in fact a person, just like everyone else. God, it's annoying. The reproductive drive just feels like an illness sometimes.

Hi, new people! Honest, I'm normal and not creepy! Really! :-D


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