Friday, June 25, 2004


Finishing a week apart from L, while she's been on vacation and incommunicado, as she's been out of the country. Has been a boring, listless several days, despite being pretty busy around the office.

She will be back in town tomorrow late, but I imagine we're not going to have any time to get reacquainted until Sunday afternoon. Bah.

Revenge is Bittersweet
Still, I have decided upon plans for my own upcoming vacation: from the ninth (or possibly eleventh) of July through the sixteenth, I will be heading to Seattle for a week of Northwest weather, driving among several Washington wineries that have come to prominence (Chateau Ste. Michelle, here I come!), and generally Not Doing Anything Work-Related.

I will be taking along several good books, my iBook for writing purposes, and an iPod full of tuneage. I plan to spend lots of time within earshot of crashing surf, sniffing and quaffing great Riesling, lightly oaked Chardonnay and hardcore Cabernet Sauvignon, and pointedly not answering my cellphone or indeed doing much of anything that might require structured or disciplined thought.

Oh, and if I manage to tire the old palate of wine, there appear to be a few breweries in the area.

Sadly, as L will have used the lion's share of her vacation for this year, I don't get to bring her along. I do plan to torment her with frequent status reports, though.


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