Sunday, June 20, 2004

Time Does Fly...

...When you're having fun, which I am. L and I are becoming closer all the time, and spending increasing amounts of time together as a result, so I've had little time to myself (outside of driving to and from Alabaster for pet care and that whole sleeping thing) to get the little things like laundry, lawn care and other sundry chores done. L has just embarked on a week's tropical vacation, however, so I'll be catching up on some of that stuff over the next few days. Laundry is already in a much better state; vacuuming and other cleaning will be today's mountains to climb.

In addition to housework and work work, I have a hazelnut porter and a Pinot Noir ready for their respective fermenters, and if all goes well I'll get the porter brewed and bubbling today.

So what about this 'L' woman?
Conventional wisdom holds that we should always try to be a complete person by ourselves, and never need anyone else. I have tried this to the best of my ability, and it's been a bitter and lonesome existence. I'm not a garrulous person (as longtime readers will note), but I do tend to make a very few very close friends, and keep them around for a while.

In this vein, I'm still quite the social loner, but having L around to lavish affection upon, to chat with during and after the day, and to engage in the occasional mental sparring match with has made me the happiest, the most confidently male, the most content I've felt since sometime in the late 1990s.

So are we talking love, or rings, or marriage? God, after only six weeks, I hope not! But it's indescribably nice to feel wanted and appreciated this way. I'm hoping this little association lasts a while.


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