Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Wine Rack

Leslie and I saw a great "diamond bin" wine rack at an Olive Garden the weekend we attended Tripp's and Trish's wedding.

I have a nice arched alcove in my house's living room that until recently served as home to a decent-sized TV, which desperately needed to house something else. A diamond-bin wine rack like this would fit the bill nicely.

She and I debated configurations and came up with the configuration here. We grabbed the wood a month or two ago, and this past weekend I enlisted Matt and his Vast Array of Power Tools before the execrable Super Bowl to do some of the beveling, sanding and cutting needed. This photo shows the resulting pieces loosely assembled; imagine it stained a deep reddish walnut and spanning the bottom portion of an archway.

It's pretty important that I get some wine storage built, and relatively soon: I have 30 bottles' worth of wine fermenting that I'm going to have to age somewhere!

PS. This is my first time using Flickr for a blog photo. Please let me know if anyone has difficulty viewing the picture.

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