Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Post, and News!

Hey, everyone. Yes, I'm posting, finally. :-) It's been a hectic and fun month, between a busy time meeting our Sarbanes-Oxley goals at work, and spending an ever-increasing portion of the rest of my time chatting via e-mail, IM, text-message and even actual voice commo and in-person conversation with the new woman in my life, whom we'll simply term 'A.'

Cue applause, oohs and aahs from the crowd...

A and I have been orbiting one another for a little more than two months now, and so far indicators are coming up scarily uniformly positive: she's a political conservative; she's a fellow technologist and gadget freak; she's quite the fabulous fashion maven; she's smart as a whip (and still seems to think I'm funny); she's a fellow lover of excellent food and fine wine; oh, yeah, and she's hot as an oven-fresh Alabama biscuit and spicy as Indian curry--simply intoxicating. %-D

It's far too early to say with any pretense of certainty, but my INfJ compatimeter (shut up, it's my fictitious instrument name, and it rhymes with perimeter) is telling me very promising things about our prospects.

And--today's her birthday. Happy birthday, Princess!


PS. More to come before too much longer on the twin subjects of the merit of Western Civilization and the ongoing fecundity race among humanity's many sects. I haven't forgotten! :-D

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