Thursday, August 02, 2001

If You're not Part of the Solution, You're Part of the Precipitate

I know I've mentioned it at least once before, but I like rain too (though I've only seldom been privy to the sort of torrents they're apparently getting in Chicago). I know exactly what Sarah's talking about when she mentions grinning like an idiot through the downpour. Rain is a happy thing, the earth's atmosphere closing the loop on all of our sweat, shower steam and pasta pots.

On the other hand, we have Mary, who sees ill portent in the deluge. Bummer. Here's hoping the gods are all just washing off.

Richmond could use some serious rain. We had a day of pretty constant showering this past Saturday, but on the whole it's been really dry this summer, and we've got the brown lawns and occasional water restrictions to prove it. Not as bad as some parts of the country, I'm sure, but still, some real rain would be welcome.

It got up to 89 in Maine yesterday. Why was I going again? ;-)

Cool Tool Find: Grabbed directions from Richmond to Dulles Airport to refresh my memory from MapBlast! today. Their new "LineDrive" map format is a wonder of concise completeness, and it even fit everything on one page.


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