Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Life as a Writer, Day 2

Contrary to way things should work, the world at large continues on its merry way and largely cares not a whit about my fledgling career. Ah well. :-)

More to the point, life gleefully interposes itself between one and one's targeted routine, and as such (due to necessary post-vacation grocery shopping and various catch-up efforts) I got neither much reading nor much writing done last night. But life is long... I can take up yesterday's slack tonight, and get some concrete work done. Nothing is on my calendar to foul things up, and unless the world sits up and takes notice of me for a change, the mechanism is clear.

The good news is, I'm still stoked. Plenty of creative juices flowing.

A shout out to Sam Greenspan, BTW. You're an inspiration, and your willingness to dash yourself against the rocks of "breaking into the business" has been a big help to me in getting off my two-cheeked inertia and slogging forward. You da man.

Less talk, more action. Will update later.


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