Tuesday, August 28, 2001

A Quickie in the Middle of a Hectic Week

In yet another example of my predilection for hopping on bandwagons others find, I present my results from's testing:

Like Sarah, I am a Submissive Introvert Abstract Thinker (SIAT), or Mastermind/Schemer.

Apparently I shouldn't learn German. Oops - too late. Bwahaha. Vollständig verrückt, seit dem Anfang.

For the record, you are:
47% Un-telligent!
which is significantly lower than the current average of 60%

Here is the custom report of your personality that led our team of geeks to conclude (with confidence) that you are hopeless in the pursuit of manhood:

"Interesting. While the subject shows an astounding level of intelligence, his sense of observation is somewhat below average. We attribute this to the egotistical nature of the subject. Actually, cats behave in the same manner, but he's smarter than any animal.

"Finally, the subject displayed a healthy (better than most net freaks anyway) sense of humor, a down and dirty sense of morality, and a lack of self-confidence. The balance of these three traits is important; high levels of confidence, medium levels of morality, and a good level of humor make for the strongest individuals."

Death Test:
Mark your calendar or Palm V. You can expect to die on:
January 8, 2043 at the age of 72 years old.

On that date you will most likely die from:

Auto-Fellatio (19%)
[Um... eww. Shades of Clerks. I guess the pattern hinted at by 500+ days
without sex
at age 31 can be expected to do that to a male of the species.]

Heart Attack (17%)
Cancer (14%)
Public Execution In a Third World Country (11%)
Suicide (8%)
Horrible Accident (5%)

In Other News...
I'm 36% bastard,
24% gay,
61% pure,
...and slated for a grand total of 5 lovers, lifetime.

Damn. I'm behind. One and counting.

Oh, and for my results, click here.