Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Cool Stuff on Other Blogs

Oh my god. My sides still hurt from holding in the laughter. The mood around the office is dour today, so me busting a gut over in my cube wouldn't exactly go over well. Sarah recommended this story today (its parent site is Tomato Nation, a collection of what must be similarly cruelly- and unusually-funny stories), and what can I say? Read the story, but be careful that no one who cares sees you. :-)

In other news, Wendy updated her blog yesterday, backfilling with several posts from over the previous week. More connection issues with the Mac, eh? Sorry to hear it - my iBook (via its long-departed AirPort) was a very reliable connection while its AirPort lasted.

I was unsure whether to mention it yet, but I'm in a saucy mood today, so here goes: for those who've been interested in the comings and goings of my recent stumblings into the world of dating, I've begun a new blog, Mad Method. And for those who might feel that my tendency toward TMI renders such material distasteful or just oogy, feel free not to visit. :-) I'm still experimenting with the Mad Method's "look" (it currently bears an uncanny resemblance to this site), but the material's been accumulating, so with V-Day coming I figured I'd just dump the info and work on window-dressing later. Enjoy!


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