Monday, February 18, 2002

Off From Work Today

Yep, being a gummint worker I get the day off for President's Day. This has allowed me to relax, sleep in and generally prepare myself and the apartment (wishful thinking abounds) for tonight's date with "Julia," with previous preparation and dramatics chronicled here.

Who knows? Things might actually go places with "Julia," but so far she seems to be one of the four busiest people on the planet - this dinner has been nearly three weeks in the making, due to her flitting around the country on business. Sigh - part of me is hoping against hope that I'm not being humored here... She's busy enough (hell, we're meeting right after work for her) that I'm not optimistic that she'll have had any decompression time and thus be able to enjoy herself.

Well, at least she's no bon-bon-eating layabout. :-)


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