Sunday, February 17, 2002

Little to Report

Didn't head into work on Friday due to gastro distress, and as it's only just beginning to fade now, I'm optimistic that tomorrow (President's Day, and thus a government-employee holiday) I may actually do things worthy of reporting.

Oh okay, I dug out my Playstation yesterday, schlepped over to Funcoland and snagged a used copy of Final Fantasy VIII to help while away the gurgling hours. This is my first in-depth experience with a console RPG, and seldom have I run into anything so self-consciously impenetrable. An example: in order enable something as basic as the ability to drink a healing potion in battle, I need to 'junction' a 'GF' (guardian force) to the character in question, then manually select the abilities I want (which are unavailable until said GF is junctioned) like 'Item,' 'GF' (again), 'Draw,' and/or 'Magic' ('Item' is the ability in question, allowing use of things during a fight). This effectively builds the menu of options I have while fighting for my life against the demons and bad guys of the FF8 world; cool tech, but God, the terminology...

I'm sure someone somewhere at Squaresoft knows why I need to forge a spiritual link to Shiva or Quetzalcoatl (no kidding) before I can snag a bottle off my belt in battle, but hey, that's how they made the game, and it's sold gajillions of copies, so I suppose I'm just picking nits.


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