Friday, March 29, 2002

A Happy Post, for a Change

Well, due to Mary's mentioning our conversation the other night, and the possibility of visitors dropping by from gigglechick, and just plain deciding to be less 'down' about life, I'm going to make a happy post.

So I went to my third shag-dancing class last night. The first class was devoted to the basic step (not entirely unlike the swing, for those with a clue), and the male and female under-arm turns. Last week's class dealt with review and the "start," or the courtly little move one does to kick things off once you've convinced a person to shag-dance with you. Last night's (final) class covered the "sugarfoot," or a mirroring set of steps that both dancers do that's reminiscent of "karaoke drills" from football camp. (Imagine running sideways, alternating which foot goes in front on every other step, and you have karaoke drills.) Once you've got sugarfoot down, you look pretty hot.

For those who kept score on my other, muchly-in-need-of-updating blog Mad Method, it was "Gabby," who's become that strange beast the "female friend," who got me going to the shag lessons, and I really had a blast last night. Makes me wonder, though: between the "basic" step, guy's and gal's turns, sugarfooting, starting and a weird little half-twirl thing where you cross over which hand you're holding hers with, you've only got six moves or so, after which it seems like you've exhausted your repertoire. I guess if the two partners can still stand each other after a few dozen repetitions, that eye contact, conversation and the like take over from there.

...See? Human contact. Happy happy happy. :-D

I also caught the premiere of "Greg the Bunny" the other night and it's pretty good. Imagine life behind the curtain at "The Muppet Show," with all the typical actor problems like substance abuse, attitude on the set and green-room politics. Cool. :-)

I also caught an episode of the Osbournes the other night (where the son goes off to camp and the daughter gets a microscopic tattoo on her hip), and was, well, less than impressed. I'm going to try a few more eps before passing judgment.


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