Wednesday, February 12, 2003


Slow week. Well, sort of.

Lots more Data/XML/XSL fun at work - developing what may turn into a full content-management system, and learning a lot of the fine points of XSL in the process. Neato Bandito.

I'll be racking the Vindication IPA into a carboy tomorrow evening.

My evenings have been pretty full this week, now that I actually think of it.

Saw the Virginia Opera production of Andrea Chenier last night (VA Opera's homepage seems to be under construction today), and enjoyed it immensely. No, I didn't have a date, and no, for a change it was no big deal. :-) Go me.

Tonight is the James River Homebrewers' monthly meeting. We'll be judging (learning to judge, in my case) English Bitters and English Pale Ales, which should be both challenging and extremely tasty. :-9 Makes me wish my IPA was ready.

Tomorrow night I'll be re-seeing The Two Towers with some friends from work.

Friday night I have errands, and Saturday I'll be accompanying a sizeable segment of the James River Homebrewers population on their quasi-annual "Brews Cruise," in which about 50 of us will be bussing into North Carolina and hitting as many brew pubs and microbreweries as we can. It has that dangerous look of Too Much Fun about it. Should be a blast.