Friday, January 21, 2005

My Obsession with Fermentables Continues (Revives?)

I've been on a bit of a fermentation hiatus, pretty much since I came to Birmingham back in '03. There are many reasons I've given myself for this, from my work schedule to the state of cleanliness of my house to the turns of the weather. No more!

I have, of late, been reading more and more about the making of one's own wines, and I believe that it's (finally) time for me to try my hand at it. I've had the same Pinot Noir wine kit in my closet for around six months, and it's high time that I pull it out and get it started.

I really do need to find myself Riesling and Gewurztraminer kits as well, and see whether I can make them do anything interesting--lately most of my wine drinking has centered around those two grapes, and the crisp/clean/sweet/spicy combination is one that I definitely want to experiment with. I'm also hot to vinify the juices of some other fruits: peaches, strawberries, apples and pears (and blends thereof!) to name a few. I'm also interested in probing the wiles of the Muscat grape, and perhaps even finding out what the Concord and local Muscadine varieties offer (outside of jam jars).

Leslie (a Riesling and Gewurz advocate herself, but a hater of any red wine that's not Lambrusco) is cautiously excited: I've been all talk and no toenails here for a goodly while.

But what about beer?
Don't worry, I will still punch out the occasional brew, but my interest in barley beverages has waned as wine has waxed in my imbibing. I've promised Hunter and the members of my IT department here a hazelnut porter for nearly as long as I've been promising the Pinot, so that needs doing as well.


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