Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Starting Off the New Year

Wow, it's 2005. There's been both more and less fanfare than I expected. 2004 was a truly eventful year, and others have blogged extensively on some of the particulars, but I for one was eager to get 2004 in the hopper and move on; 2005 had been trying to get signed next to my signature for several weeks prior to this past Saturday.

A new year usually comes with a bevy of resolutions, and this year I'm no exception:

Leslie and I have been very good to one another over the nearly eight months we've been going out--too good, in some ways, and now we're seeing the need to be good for one another as well. I've got a good 20 pounds to lose to get myself back to where I met Leslie, and she informs me she wants to shed a few to feel satisfied herself, so we're going on a bit of an austerity program. I'm reactivating my Hacker's Diet activity, and she'll be hitting the treadmill and eating less according to her own preferences. We'll be walking after dinners (she has a great loop around her apartment complex), and I'm investigating the area around southeastern Birmingham for exercise clubs with pools, since we both enjoy swimming. It'll be good to have a partner.

This one is mainly for me, but again, Leslie and I are a trifle too lavish when it comes to eating out and doing things with one another that involve expenditure. We've decided upon one weekly "date night" where we spoil ourselves, and otherwise we keep the spending down to a dull roar. I received all sorts of great cooking gear over the Christmas holiday, so cooking from ingredients will be a more frequent thing for me as well, though Leslie already cooks for the two of us a great deal of the time.

...So between these two major resolutions Leslie and I are planning to leave a lot more leeway for "big fun" by cutting back (where it makes sense) on "small fun"--or at least expensive small fun.


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