Saturday, November 05, 2005

First Post in Forever, and a New Project

Well, as usual life has been full, and I haven't really been in a "bloggy" mood, but as usual things go in circles, and I've discovered (or had recommended to me once again) the National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo.

I've been tormenting Tripp, Hunter and Matt with tales of my desire to write for years now, and this would appear to be my opportunity to prove whether I'm all talk and no toenails, or whether there's something more substantial there.

The goal of NaNoWriMo is to get a 50,000 word novel written in a month, which translates to just shy of 1,667 words a day. Of course I started today, which means I need around 10,000 words written by the end of tomorrow to be on pace. As of tonight I've hit on characters and a plot, and got 2,007 words written. I'm off to a dinner date, but when I get back I'm going to try and get a little closer to 5,000 for the day.

5,000 more words for tomorrow ought not be too bad. The first several hours today were spent on deciding on something in the science fiction realm that wouldn't require too much research (i.e., conventional spaceflight times between here and Mars, or time-dilation calcs for near-lightspeed travel).

Yes, fifty thousand words in a month is a pretty insane pace, but quantity is the only real goal of the event: the only way to get there is to give yourself permission to write utter crap; if you're lucky, some non-crap will find its way in there as well. ;-)

I figure, since I work best with a deadline, and my primary stumbling block has been the question of quality over quantity, this ought to be right up my alley. If nothing else, I'll finish the month in something resembling the habit of writing daily, and from where I'm sitting that's worth a laptop's weight in gold.

I've added the logo at left for the project and a link to my NaNoWriMo profile, which contains an excerpt from the prologue. Be kind, should you choose to read. Remember, it's basically unedited.


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