Thursday, November 10, 2005

Whew, this Writing Stuff is Hard Work

Whoof. 11,127 words--officially past the NaNoWriMo one-fifth mark. Still about 4,000 words behind my target, but on the fifth of the month I started over 6,600 words in the hole, so I'm making progress.

I'm going to call tonight's work the Agony Aunt chapter--our murderess returns home the Prodigal Daughter, after having had the error of her ways shown to her, replete with a deep conversation with her victim's coexistent backup personality. Anyway, she comes home to the vineyard that her parents started and makes a tearful confession to her mother while her father is seeing the doctor for his might-be-operable-now-that-the-posthumans-are-in-town bone cancer.

I feel the need to write a gunfight with lots of smoking, drinking and wench-pinching in it. Yeesh.


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