Sunday, May 19, 2002

An Eventful Week-End and Weekend

Wow, and I was doing so well up til this past Wednesday. :-) Work for the end of the week was simply crazy. I've been on one monolithic project basically since I started at DIT, and over time it became obvious to everyone involved that the initial design was flawed, and that the right thing to do would be a redesign in a much simpler format. I helped make the case for the "do-over" over Wednesday and Thursday, and was duly rewarded late Thursday with the news that the redesign was the plan!

I won't be directly involved with the redesign (rather than Java, we're going with a more mainframe-native development platform, outside my expertise), but it looks like I managed to come out smelling like roses anyway, thanks to being the one of the three programmers whose hands this pased through who got results and even came close to the performance target. :-) I'm also the de facto Java go-to guy here now, which is never a bad thing. :-D

I would have blogged about all these gyrations yesterday, but my home Internet connection was on the fritz for all of Saturday, thanks to yours truly having the temerity to troubleshoot a lockup-on-every-other-boot problem on his home box. I switched the PCI slot my network card was sitting in, and thus the problems began. Now I built this box once upon a time, and thus was reasonably certain the problem wasn't my hardware configuration - hell, the thing had been running trouble-free for just under two years, and under Win98 SE that's saying something. :-) So anyway, I wound up on the phone with Earthlink Support, and between the tech guy and me we determined that somehow my TCP/IP stack had been corrupted. He gave me the steps to correct the problem (we went registry-diving), and everything was peachy, but not before I'd had to find some disconnected way to spend my Saturday. Oh, the horror, I know. ;-)

I also asked a girl out, out of the blue. It didn't pan out into anything date-like, but it was a refreshing change of pace from my normal reclusiveness. :-\


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