Wednesday, May 08, 2002


Whew... Been an eventful last few days! Last Friday evening I traveled North to see my sister Meagan (who rocks) sing an opera recital at The Barns at Wolf Trap, and visit with both her and my parents, and some seldom-seen relatives from my dad's side of the Fam. Slept the night there, and then drove up to BWI Saturday, so I could fly down to Birmingham, AL to surprise Hunter for a birthday LAN party at his wife's request. The whole thing worked out wonderfully -- it was especially gratifying to see Hunter's cerebral gears stripping as he tried to reconcile my being several hundred miles out of position. ;-) Gotcha, guy!

My brother Matt and Hunter's bud Kevin dropped by as well, so with Hunter's 13-year-old son Jon factored in, it was quite a crowd! There was much Diablo II played that night - I got my Sorceress 'Pyrotechnica' from ground zero to level 20 that evening alone! In any event, there were hours upon end of multiplayer videogaming and Invader Zim viewing, punctuated by a wink and a nod at sleep, and the viewing of Spider-Man Sunday afternoon. All in all, an outstanding weekend, and for me 'twas a much-needed break in routine.

The Richmond NASCAR race got postponed until Sunday due to torrential rain (which seems to be gracing us pretty much every evening lately, and has dogged the Richmond race for several years running), which means that TiVo got lots of lame driver interviews instead. It's re-airing tonight, so all wasn't lost.

Speaking of torrential rain, it looks as if Richmond at last has had its water table restored. Certainly the lake in my apartment complex is bulging at the seams; the ducks are very happy. That close, dripping springtime aroma is all over the place, and there are dozens of honeysuckle bushes along one of my dogwalking paths that are working overtime to maintain that special oeuvre. It's purty out.


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