Monday, May 13, 2002

Monday... 'Nuff said.

Blech. I'm trying to assemble data for this afternoon's performance test, DB/2 is down, people aren't heeding my warning about interrupting my data dump, and I hurt.

I hurt because I worked out in the fitness center that my apartment complex offers this past Friday, and overdid it. On purpose. Good old-fashioned pyramid training, push the muscles to the point of failure. With this sort of pain comes gain - I've been here before, and I'm lucky enough to have one of those metabolisms that loves to build muscle.

Of course there's a story attached. I've been trying to get myself into the working-out mood for several months now, since realizing that a big part of my extravagant rent goes toward maintaining some very nice facilities in the rental office like a set of universal machines, some treadmills, a hot tub and a nice beefy swimming pool. Well, what finally pushed me over the edge into the world of pain == gain was a train of thought that ran through "how do I ramp up my metabolism"-ville, into "increased muscle mass burns more calories"-burg, and finally stopped in "making the body rebuild itself burns hella calories too" City.

I've done a lot of weight training in my life, what with high-school football training and the various forays into "healthy living" I've made, and so I have some idea how much the old corpus can take, and since the idea is to get my body rebuilding itself, I specifically pushed past them. I *do* wish that Advil or aspirin would touch this, though... I don't quite feel safe driving, because my arms are responding poorly to the commands I give them. :-p


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