Friday, July 06, 2001


The Physical

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: I'll get back to you. I am the nemesis of metal-tube chairs.
Eyes: Blue
Shoe Size: 12

The Functional

I am a Java and Visual Basic client-server database programmer/analyst by profession. It pays decently, which makes up for its boom/bust cycle of activity.


I am a builder, tweaker and gadgeteer by preference. I build computers for fun and am afflicted with a burgeoning home theater hobby and the desire to one day a) walk in my own self-perpetuating virtual Garden of Eden, and b) reach Earth orbit.

I enjoy building virtual worlds, from raytraced static tableaux like this one, to real-time 3D environments that can be walked through using videogame engines like that from Half-Life or a special browser like that from ActiveWorlds.

In case you hadn't guessed, this means that I do play videogames. Current timesinks include Diablo II and Counter-Strike.

I have electronic servants called TiVos that collect TV programs I wish to watch and save them to hard disk for viewing at my leisure. I thus watch only a small amount of TV, but it's highly filtered for what I want.

Bow before Excalibur. It's my universal remote control.

My apartment's lights are operated by little remotes and keypads spread throughout the place. No one but me understands them.


I do not subscribe to a newspaper, but read an hour of news a day. Lately I'm on a bit of a "Steampunk" science-fiction kick as regards paper books. Once I finish The Difference Engine by Gibson and Sterling, I'll move on to Perdido Stree Station by Melville.

The Ephemeral

My car is currently clean. I'm looking for the other three Horsemen of the Apocalypse any minute now.

The Social

I am divorced. Being single sucks, but is better in many ways than being married was. Most of my friends live far away and thus my primary means of interacting with them is online. I live with two dogs and a cat. This is their entry.