Friday, July 20, 2001

Cold Turkey Sucks

Doing a lot better today. Near as I can tell, yesterday's uplifting slice of life came from my brain lacking a chemical it had got all friendly and intimate with for so long. Caffeine can be your friend, and do all sorts of things for you like allow mental function beyond normal endurance limits, but getting so you regulate your hour-to-hour energy level with it is a bad thing.

So anyway, what else is going on? My brother Matt is visiting for the weekend (flew up from Atlanta yesterday evening), and we're heading up to eastern Maryland at oh-dark-thirty tomorrow morning to participate in that fascinating ritual of male bonding and mayhem called a LAN party. Essentially everyone involved brings along a computer full of videogames that can talk over a computer network, and then you plug them all together and do so. For 18 hours a day. It's a blast.

I picked a hell of a week to dump caffeine. ;-)

But it's great to have Matt around again. Sushi and the Boys remembered him right off the bat, and things have settled right in. A much better day.


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