Monday, July 23, 2001

A New Week

Back in the saddle here at work. Got a data issue or two to chew on here at work and a flight to which to take Matt tonight. Works for me.

So Sarah's Party was lightly attended. Bummer. At least the important people attended. Consider me dutifully informed.

/me puts down his Louisville Clue Slugger. :-)

I like Sangria well enough, but am regrettably nowhere near Chicago. If I start receiving funny-colored ice cubes (or their soggy remnants) in the mail, I shall be properly impressed. Don't expect the envelopes to get privileged real-estate on the mantel, though.

Oh, and apparently my installation of Internet Explorer 5.5 SP1 with Internet Tools is now reporting to the world at large that it's version 4.0, which precludes smooth access to many nifty Web functions like the higher-end Blogger post editor and certain sites like Wendy or anyone, any ideas on how to get IE55 to announce itself properly?

Stimulant-free and Still Ascerbic

I have now been clean of caffeine for close to a full week. It still sucks. I'm practically flogging myself out of bed in the morning. I feel considerably less lucid than before, and commit five times as many typos as I used to. Life continues, though, and a little voice in the back of my brain keeps insisting it's a good idea. I want to tell the little voice where to stick its ideas, but so far have yet to discover a reliable means of communication.

Caffeine-free diet colas are arguably the most damning indictment of humanity's refusal to admit defeat in the face of evidence I've yet found, except possibly for nonalcoholic beer. I feel somehow unclean after a CFD Coke, like I'm being dishonest at a very primal level. Like fat-free shortening or sugar-free candy, it feels very close to partipating in the defining example of an oxymoron. Making me the moron in question, of course. :-)


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