Thursday, July 12, 2001

Flame from the Pulpit

So I understand Mary and Andy are sorta kinda thinking about maybe attending Sarah's party.

marydellisanti: You have to go, too.
andydehnart: um, I suppose
andydehnart: as long as you drive or something
andydehnart: so we don't get knifed
marydellisanti: What?
marydellisanti: So my tires can get stolen?
andydehnart: how else would we get there? cabs don't come to her neighborhood
marydellisanti: I will drive, but I will not drop you off first then look for a parking space.
marydellisanti: You will have to walk with me from the car.

There are those among us, of the more socially challenged ilk, who would give blood to have local parties to which they were invited. I understand that there's probably a good bit of jest to this discussion, and I'm certainly not privy to the entire story, but here's a tip: go to the Goddamn party. Appreciate it, enjoy yourself and compliment the hostess when you leave. Kvetching about the safety of the neighborhood when it's patently obvious that Sarah herself has no trouble with it is in rather poor taste. Be glad you've got friends your age nearby that don't require hours of driving or flying to visit, and that you have a local social circle that embraces you and is moved to invite you over for tea and cookies (beer and prawns, whatever) once in a while.

Bitter? Moi? Just a smidge.

Mistake me not: I'm very thankful for my friends, and they're all princes and princesses when it comes to inviting me to the various functions it's practical for me to get to, but I have yet to uncover a knack for finding the circles that wind up inviting one another to lunch or impromptu parties or out for a beer from time to time. At our early-thirties stage in life it's pretty clear whether we're naturally gregarious or not, and speaking from the still-getting-there side of the line the grass is pretty damn brown on this side.

Yes, this is me impinging my own big wet blanket of issues on the discussion and taking it all far too seriously, but bear in mind that if you're in a place in life where you can pick and choose which parties you want to attend based on neighborhood, you're in a very privileged place indeed.

I understand Sarah throws a hell of a shindig. She's also an exceptionally cool person, as I'm sure you all know better than I do. For Christ's sake, go to the party.


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