Monday, July 02, 2001


Monday. Early Monday. Must locate caffeine. Penguin Mints are not adequate to the task.

I wish there was some way I could live my life from noon to 4 a.m. every day... That would a) give me more time without that silly garish glowing ball in the sky, and b) mean that I wasn't an 8-to-5 wage slave any more. All this entails is me getting off my sorry posterior and producing something for which people will pay me royalties. A very simple thing, wonder why more people don't do it. Oh, wait, lots of people do, and I understand there's generally a good bit of competition, rejection and heartbreak involved. Ah well. Maybe next week. ;-)

I really enjoy reading over the various blogs that seem to be interlinking with one another in this little group. Oh, and I wanted to apologize publicly to Newton Emerson for jumping all over him; you see, he sent me a jocular e-mail busting on BattleBots from a UK intellectual property standpoint (cf. Robot Wars, another fave series of mine), and I was in a snippy mood due to leaving my sense of humor in my other suit that day. Put briefly, after a short e-mail exchange I realized that I do an excellent impression of a humorless git. Sorry, Newton; hope I didn't rain on Thursday's parade too thoroughly. :-\

Let's see - is there anything salvageable for today's post? Hmm, doubtful. Ah well, never stopped me before...

I find myself watching more and more foreign-sourced media these days, between Jackie Chan flicks, various anime DVDs, Iron Chef, Sumo Wrestling and stuff from Sony Pictures Classics, it's a wonder I'm not buying tickets to cross the Pacific. Not sure why I'm on this recent tear, but I'm spinning stuff from Ghost in the Shell to Project A-Ko recently, and loving them.

Mine is a weird life, but at least it's mine. :-D


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