Thursday, July 12, 2001

Carnegie He Ain't

Yep, I'm winning friends and influencing people tonight. :-\

I figured there was a fair chance I'd step (nay, stomp) on toes with today's post, especially since I was reacting to a sliver of conversation and don't truly know the people involved. Like I said, I made the decision to trot my issues out and pitch an opinion flambé into the fray.

Of all the reactions I expected ("Who died and made you Hall Monitor?" "Who asked you?" "Oooh, pity party on aisle 3, pity party for Rich!") in the post-heated-post rumination I usually engage in, Mary's surprised me. I could easily get into a blow-by-blow on particular aspects of life suckage, nearby friends and age differences, but I'm chagrined to realize that Mary and I could probably switch the occasional day and fail to notice, except for the 1:2 dog/cat conversion. Sorry about that, Mary -- I'll trade you half my Reese's Pieces for half of that apple pie. :-)

Although this idea of friendly co-workers is a new one on me. Do they make those? I apparently need to order some new ones. Does Amazon carry them? You seem to have received some of the good ones. ;-)

Truth to tell, I'm jealous, and in a way, that's a compliment. A result I left out of last Friday's eMode results barrage was that apparently my preferred cardinal sin is Envy, which I thought at the time was a bum reading (was expecting Gluttony, but figured I had a good chance at Lust). Apparently the eMode folk are better at this than they let on.


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