Saturday, January 18, 2003

I Had a Little Trouble with the Scissors...

Took a week, but I finally came up with the perfect witty riposte, as above. Most of the world has run out of sympathy, though, a la: "What? You're still whining?" No, actually I type one-handed with Microsoft's "Accessibility Options" on because I want the attention. :-p

Weird thing is, the wound chose today to start complaining in earnest for the first time. Must finally have got round to hooking the nerves back up. Joy.

Yep, I'm still flaking out over beer. :-) In the combined spirit of adventure and masochism that has come to represent my interaction with home brewing, I have just slapped a week-old bottle of Vindictive Vampire IPA (still two weeks short of its prime, assuming it has one) into the fridge, and shall sample it later this evening as I wince to the antics of the Fox Football commentators.

Finnish Stuff
Went looking for Sahti beer and a (local) dead-tree edition of the Kalevala, the main Finnish epic (said by some to be on the level of Beowulf and some of Homer's stuff). Struck out on both counts, but may have a bead on both down the road. Amazon has the Kalevala, BTW, but it's a one to three week wait.


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