Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Two-Handed Typist Once Again!

I got the stitches out of my hand today, and despite the fingers on either side of the wound being amazingly stiff and weak from their week together in a splint, I can type much faster (gently, though, gently) than I could one-handed. This is one serious relief. I've still got several tiny "butterfly" bandages along the wound (that look more like small pieces of strapping tape than anything else) to hold the outermost edges together. BTW, I did keep Neosporin on too long, Joanie - good call. The whole area still feels a trifle delicate, but it's use that the hand needs now, not pampering. Yay!

More Beer
Headed over to my favorite brew supply shop yesterday and snagged a "false bottom" and some hose fittings to finish up the lauter tun I began a while back. No word yet as to when a "next brew" will occur---I've still got around 3½ gallons of disappointing Big Dawg Brown Ale and almost five gallons of immature VVIPA to account for, so it might be worth waiting for a while before embarking on a new batch of anything.

I found an online version of the Kalevala yesterday, and while it's very long, I did hit a few interesting places, like Rune XX, The Brewing of Beer. Heh - a fun story about how beer was first brewed in Finnish legend.

Wonderful to be able to type semi-normally again. :-)


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