Tuesday, January 28, 2003


I realized this morning that I'm happy.

Not yeah-but happy, or if-only happy, or so-long-as-I-don't-think-about-it happy...

Just happy.

I was commenting on sugarmama's blog about pickiness in dating, and realized that I haven't had one of those "man, I miss having a woman around" lonely moments for weeks, possibly months. (I should check my archives here to be sure I'm not exaggerating, but what the heck.)

When I think of dating I think, "oh, that again?" and when I think of having a woman around I imagine all the stuff about me that the hypothetical "she" would probably want to change, like boxes of bottled beer aging in the living room, or the speakers naked on their stands in the theater room. Why bother?

I think about the lovely smells of mashing and boiling wort, and playing computer games 'til early in the morning, and letting dogs and cats up on the bed, and all the little things I've come to love and enjoy in my life, and I wonder, "why upset the apple cart?"

I'm free. :-D