Friday, January 24, 2003

Sahti Plans

Okay, I'm making plans to take on a brew of Sahti this weekend, if I can get my lauter tun finished. The trouble is that with the false bottom installed in the Rubbermaid cooler, the back end of the spigot (the hole for which is itself close to the bottom of the cooler) crashes into the slope of the false bottom when I try to assemble it. I'll be traveling to the WeekEnd Brewer tomorrow to see if Bob, the proprietor, has any ideas.

But back to the Sahti. I have yet to crunch the numbers for amounts of barley, hops et al, but since there's a lot of latitude in Sahti recipes, the main things I'm going to focus on are the use of rye, the filtering through juniper branches, and the use of bread yeast.

Should be fun!


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