Monday, August 19, 2002

Back in the Saddle

Yay! Back from the weekend, and ready to take on the week. I was playing D&D with some good friends around the DC area, and otherwise visiting and being social. I'm exhausted, but in a good way.

Dang, but that is one intelligent group, and a driven and successful one, too. I have to keep reminding myself that I fit in and am welcome, but it's not easy. I'm still the baby of the group so far as I know, but that has come to matter less over time, and being single and quiet is beginning to look weird, I suspect. Lots of happily-married-with-kids vibes through the whole situation as well, which was difficult.

Still, bittersweet or no, it was good to see everyone and lay the smack down on ogres, undead and the like. :-D

Looks like Joie and Mary are both blue. Drop by and cheer 'em up!

And I'll finish with some belated Sunday Stumpers:

1) What's one thing you did as a child that you regret? I've mentioned it before, I think, but there was a guy, "Paul," in my Boy Scout troop in Cincinnati that took a lot of crap from the "cool" kids, and once he happened to be biking through the subdivision where I lived. He pulled up and said "hi," and I was nasty to him on general "coolness" principle. He was really hurt, and I've never forgotten.

2) What's the weirdest compliment anyone's ever given you? A while back, people started telling me I was intense, and I've really come to like it. (Shrug.)

3) What's your biggest flaw? Wow, I have to pick just one. I'd say it's either my tendency to coast when the going gets easy, or to disconnect when it gets hard. Two sides of the same coin, there, really.

4) Quick temper or slow burn? Yes. :-)

5) Are you more of a sexual person or a sensual person? There's a difference? Actually my barometer is probably pretty skewed on this subject (it's been a long, long time), but since I don't generally lead with my libido unless I know a person very well, I guess I'll go with sensual. I'm big on pleasures of the flesh; what can I say? :-9


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