Friday, August 16, 2002


Been a really wonderful, rollery-coastery week, and I am soon to embark on a weekend of hanging out with some very cool people. Doing laundry, dropping the dogs off at a kennel sometime fiveish, trying to keep myself up on sleep. I am yawning like a fool. Why is life most exhausting when it's most fun?

Hunter is at last dipping his toe in the idea of starting a weblog of his own. I'd link his e-mail address, but that'd be pretty crass of me, and besides, there're comment boxes all over Creation where people can find him if they're so motivated. :-D (So gonna get a smackdown for this one.)

It's ironic - right when I find my opinion in demand by everyone, I find myself in an introspective, less-than-talkative mood. Apologies to the Hooked on Blogging folks (especially the Goddess); I'll resume something more like my accustomed word count on Monday. ;-)

I am also a quart low on caffeine for the day, as my fridge is empty of everything but barley products, upon which I can only make slow progress.

Until later,


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