Thursday, August 08, 2002

Bits and Snips

Wow, there are lots of people dropping by lately. Doesn't suck. :-D

It only took me a day, but I finally "got" the Goddess' assessment of me, and it was bang on. (Took me a while to get past the "Junior" in Junior Mints.) I love mint: I've cut down to five types of mints on my desk. I use minty soap in the shower every morning. Though I've never tried Junior Mints on buttery popcorn. I imagine it'll be heavenly. Oh, yeah, and popcorn rocks too. %-)

[Edit: (from the inestimable Erin) "and how can i complete this assessment without mentioning Rich of brain squeezings? orange marmalade, an old saddle, peppermint and chicken soup --- dare i say hairspray?" Two minty mentions. Very, very cool. :-D

...Though I fear I shall never escape hairspray ever again.]

Yes, it was truly amazing to have Tripp back in town. He and I have that rare sort of friendship wherein we'll neglect to talk to one another for months on end, then somehow wind up in the same town, meet for coffee, and pick up exactly where we left off last time. We come from the antipodes of the political spectrum (damn pinko), yet constantly manage to teach one another things, and offer and accept support when the other drags. It's weird, and it's precious to me.

I think we need to pick out curtains, mang; too many more superlatives like these and people will start making assumptions anyway.

Even more amazing is that I've met two people like this in one lifetime (well, three, if you count the one who mutated, broke me over her knee and got away). You know who you are, second, but there's so much syrup around here that I won't embarrass you with a mention unless you insist.

My new motherboard arrived yesterday, and with any luck I'll be able to get it installed in my ailing Athlon over the weekend, and allow powering-down of the long-suffering machine at long last. Oh, and I may very well need a new power supply for good measure. Turns out I've been running my current unit near capacity for most of its life. Thankfully 400W PSes have become nicely cheap.

Looks like BlogChalk is back. Those who are so inclined can probably reinstate their BC logos.

The world has conspired to mention bewbies to me at every turn lately. Kindly stop. Goddess, that goes double for you. I can barely sleep as it is. Oy. ;-)


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