Sunday, August 04, 2002

Time to Bitch about Blogger Archiving

Well, the new template is in, and the feedback I've received so far has been positive, so unless I start getting hate mail, I'm going to assume that we have a winner!

Hayeva, it would appear that the new template is showcasing some weaknesses in Blogger's archiving process. I've republished Squeezings' archives something like ten times by now, and some months (apparently by random) show the new template, some the old, and the month-so-far of August (aside from this front page) is just refusing to show at all.

I'm trying to be patient with Blogger and Blogspot, really I am, and to be fair I've never had anything go seriously wrong like archive loss or template corruption, but this behavior gets close enough that I'm considering the move to Moveable Type or something similar.

Mary, I know you've moved to another host from Blogspot, and dabbled in Moveable Type for the bookblog. Recommendations?


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